Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why~ Hello again!

Ack~ I've been MIA, eh? Been rather out of it of late - and haven't been able to get much done in the way of work... I just wanted to get a little update out to those of you who may be on the lookout... I'm in the middle of a move~ yeah, another one... I think this brings my house/apartment count up to eight(not counting dorm room(s)... but does my mother-in-laws basement count? It was nicer than that sounds...) But this one might just suit~ at least for a little while, eh? I've a willow tree I can see from the window and a little man-made lake - I can go sit under the willow and enjoy the green. I've plans too~! Don't I always? But I will be coming back with serious fervor~ as soon as I get a desk to work on~ ^_~ see you soon!

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Fuego Fatuo said...

Hope you will be able to start working on new creatures soon :D