Thursday, May 24, 2012

of Antlers and Sparkles~


emily berrios said...

I know that you use glass beads for your eyes, I love the effect. I was wondering tho, what sort of paint you used on them for the pupils? Acrylic does not stick to glass in any permanent way, so I was thinking some sort of enamel?

As far as I understood from your tut, you make tubes (?) before adding feet and hands, you mean just sculpey tubes as a base... baking and then adding the feet and hands proper?

Your work is beautiful! I frankly wish that handmade art once again finds its way into animation.

Thinking of creating some stop motion puppets, so any other recommendations you have are welcome!

Eden Carnes said...

Thank you, emily~

Yes to the tubes question - you can rebake Sculpey with no trouble - though I wait until it is cooled before putting it back in the oven - and haven't really baked something more than two-three times... I try to use the same blend of Sculpey when I rework over baked material.

I paint the glass with acrylics and inks~ I'm just extra extra careful when I add the glosses - once those are dry they hold the paint in place - never had a problem.

Thanks again~!

As for stop motion puppets - I'd suggest going to see how they created the dolls for The Nightmare Before Christmas~ armature wire is wonderful stuff - but I wouldn't put it the test for months and months of posing... the built ball and joint armatures - to deal with the kind of wear they would be suffering..

I've thought if I ever did stop motion - that I'd add the pupils in later - save on having to adjust the eyes... work on way or the other, eh?

Best of luck - and have fun~!