Thursday, October 27, 2011

This this Halloween...

I sat down with the intention of creating a set of Halloween dolls - I may have popped in The Nightmare Before Christmas and well... Tim Burton most definitely had a hand in inspiring this little creatures.

A little imp girl with wild hair and black gloves and a bat-winged boy with woolen pants~ and crazy crazy eyes.

They were fun to make - if a bit strange. I have been making newish dolls of late - a cartoony moogle - two humanesk tiny dolls for a client.

But I think these two turned out rather well.. creepy enough for Halloween and brightly colored enough for me to be happy~ though I'm not sure I'll ever make creatures like them again~ well..... maybe next year.

OH! And I'll be going to Faerie Con again this year - haven't been for the past few~ but I'll be there for a day - so excited to get to see Wendy Froud's work in person again.

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