Thursday, September 22, 2011

Monsters and Moon Rabbits!

I finished a monster doll last week - I think he's one of my favorite dolls to date ~ seriously adore him. He makes me think I really should stick with monsters ~ but I do love making my little human-esk creatures.

His horns are made of a lighter Sculpey that I think turned out really well ~ can't wait to use it again. Maybe for some cool masks and ~ of course, more horns!

His jacket is made of piece of cloth from my good friend Rowan Rose over at Hughes Pottery.

Oh! I used sugru for his rather awesome little faun like monster-ears (which I see you can't see in this photo)~ I'll go into that more in a later post.

For now I think I'll prattle on about the strange witch-bunny-moon rabbit creature I just finished:
I've called her: Merrick. She was meant to by my Halloween themed doll... skipping right over a orange and black theme - I went with a witch/bunny/moon rabbit girl.. kinda... you know ~ idea.

Her hat was fun to make and I love the shape of her ~ she is up on Etsy: here.

I think... I may just be getting better at these things ~ though they are just as strange as ever.

I'm excited about my next few projects! I shall be back with more infos!! mawahahha

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