Monday, September 14, 2009

Drat! Missed the weekend...

Okay... so I know I promised pictures... but at the moment I'm sitting in the middle of bits of my computer on a laptop that does not have the means (as far as I know) of resizing the photos I have to share... this limits me greatly.

That said... I've a new set of dolls I shall be beginning work on within the day... inspired by a walk along the Helderberg escarpment with friends and family this last weekend. Moss and lichen and rocks, oh my! So... rather earthy.

I also plan on starting a series of 'monster buttons' (I'd make more necklaces, but my source for the wood ovals seems to have drifted away! Darn internet businesses'!) that will be, as one might suspect... little monsters you can pin on jackets and such. Wearable art and what.

Life continues in my new space rather well... if a little timeless... I haven't seen a calendar in weeks! At least... I think its been weeks...

1 comment:

Ryaven said...

Hey E!!!!!

:) Glad to hear you're starting new stuff. Can't wait to see what turns up!

Buttons would be great :D I'll definitely buy one after they're finished (and I'm moved into my new place)

Ttyl and have fun!