Monday, July 6, 2009

Just a mid Monday update!
First we have a sketch I did for my good friend Meg Karper, who is a constant source of inspiration and friendship. Our paths keep missing each other. One day, Meg! I will hug you, lady!
This image is a computer colored hand-sketch like the last one I updated this blog with. They always look better on the computer screens. ;) I wanted to make it look like an old scroll, but I didn't have the heart to age it as much as it should have been... and the colors really would need to be brighter to make it look more 'authentic'. :)

The next picture is of the newest doll commission: Rose Red. She's Snow White's sister from the comic: Fable. I painted her pants with roses and styled her hair... I suppose I could have cut it shorter, but I rather liked it this way. I really like her smirk and her tennis shoes. I do believe I am getting better at these little creations. I am certainly more pleased with the hands and feet.. and faces... and bodies... and clothes. So, yeah. Wheee!

The next (and last image for this post) is one of the new buttons I'm working on. This one is indended as part of the Rose Red commission. It's surprising the difference between working on the pendants and these buttons. I can't imagine it's more than half an inch in difference, but it is certainly a little less challenging to work even this little bit larger. I'll keep you abreast of the button + pendant progress. :)

I'd best get me back to Alice! I'll post some images of the show in the next few days... I'll be out of town for the later part of the week, so I'll probably have to miss my next Friday update. Take care and enjoy the day!

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