Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday evening - 17th of July

What an amazing weekend I had, friends! I went to, and participated in (Matron of Honor!), my first wedding! I'm still smiling :) Love you, L + R!

When I got back I went straight to work finishing up Alice... I am so very pleased with how the images are turning out! I'd hoped to have the last three images finished today, but was distracted with a walk in the rain and some business card designs for my most deserving little sister's business. A hazzah for the massage therapists out there!

I am eager to return to my work at hand... so I'll leave you here, but will see you next week (or earlier) with good shots of the finished show!

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Nanette said...

So enjoyed seeing you 2 - while you were a beautiful set of wedding 'supporters' - hey! ya do clean up nice, as they say! I sold my first WAMG item-so I did a tiny little happy dance, privately. Like you - I'm back to work. XXOO 2 U 2 :-)