Monday, April 9, 2012

Custom Dryad~


Fuego Fatuo said...

I really love her face and the branches in her head! :D


crydwynn said...

She's so lovely!

Psst! More kirins. :)

Thea said...

can i just say how incredibly awesome you are!
I discovered your blog a few weeks ago & absolutely love your work! Wendy Froud would be so proud of you!!! I've taken 2 workshops with her (& Toby)she/they are the nicest people, very welcoming, encouraging, down to earth, just totally wonderful.
Your work is so worthy of a froudian artist of the month( on their website)!
I wish you much success, you deserve it!

Mewie said...

loooove her !!!!<3<3

Eden Carnes said...

Thanks, Fuego Fatuo! <3 many thanks, even!

Thanks and will do, crydwynn! This coming week I'll be on the hunt for new fabrics~

Thea! My goodness! <3 Thank you~
Workshops with the Frouds, eh? And two of them :D you lucky creature! and~I hope so (that she would approve)... I was a convention this last year where she was as well... but I couldn't get the courage up to tell her just how much of an inspiration she and her work has been for me. I just smiled ><

If I can find the time to update my website - I'll try submitting to the Froud site... that would such an honor <3 Mr. Froud is the reason I went into art and not science...

Mewie!! <3 Thanks so much! A big thank you for the project and the clear love of my work... really a privilege to create something for you.