Sunday, March 4, 2012

Scales and Fur and Wings, oh my!

I'm totally happy with him~ he's a little over three feet~ but he stands so well ~ even sits with ease.

Though.. if I ever make another standardish dragon... he'll have to be sipping a cup of tea... That or have have at least six legs and and feathered wings~

I painted a little bit of his fur~ I really should do that more often. Kinith had some painted fabrics and so have the last two ladies - the strips on the leggings and Cora's coat... I think paint is really something I should add to each of my dolls...

But who/what to make next!? I know I should be writing or sketching... but I want to sculpt~! Maybe some traditional creatures? I woke up thinking of the kappa. There seemed to be some demand on Facebook for characters from the Dark Crystal~ though I'd want to make Aughra (she's so awesome!! But I doubt many share my love of the crazy eyed - goat horned - wise lady). Oh! I could finally get to that mermaid I've wanted to make... or pull from this wall of sketches I keep adding to... Or should I create another one of my girls? They seem to be doing well :D And many thanks to those how are following my creations~ means the world to me that I can share what I love to make with you lovely lot!

Back soon with something new + paint covered~


crydwynn said...

He's awesome! Will he make it in to your etsy?

Eden Carnes said...

He kinda did~ but already on hold... The interested party contacted before he was even in the oven...

I shall be making a few more as commissioned pieces as well... in greens and new colors~

And thanks!! :D