Sunday, November 13, 2011

A new self-made project

So I started this...err.. I'll go with the term: plan - But really it was more of an outline/goal that I'm calling: A Doll a Day. This, of course, rarely has happened and most certainly won't happen with the lack of light I have to work with~ BUT! I have managed about a doll every two days~ until I ran outta Sculpey... kinda a bump in the road~

But here are the two I've finished so far - a little colorful haired faun-ish boy and a red haired monster creature. I made them each little books that I sketched in and tied to their backs. Really rather pleased with them - and how well they stand!

I really should stick to monsters though - and try some new forms :D those are always the best ~

I'm thinking a fox-ish creature next and something with wings (after I finish one more commission).

Eips! I'd best plan for making Krampus before December hits - 'cause that is how I should decorate my Etsy site for the holidays - right? XD

see you guys soon with more dolls/sketches/rambles.

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