Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to work - jiggity jig~

I now need to make an armies worth of these little creatures and characters and get them up on Etsy and take them out into the world - If I don't share these little guys with someone I think I shall fall into the category of: Mad Doll Maker - that.... is a title right? Lots of plans and random bits of hope floating about.

My awesome Dad picked me up some wool roving the other day of such lovely colors that I can not wait to use it... just have to finish up a doll today and then I can get to some little ladies who will have red and purple hair! Darn projects running in to one another. ;) I seem to always want to work on the NEXT project.

That said - I am very happy with how these two dolls turned out - I wanted more expression and color... I think I also wanted them to look 'wild - worn - and wonderful' but I always end up giving them hems and stain-free clothes! Maybe a few more dolls in and I'll be able to get to those three W's.

Have I mentioned my desire to add masks into the world of my doll making? But - I also intended to get wings in as well - and what of my doll pairs!? Goodness - so much to do... I need more deadlines!

Back I go to work on a fuzzy Muppet-ish goblin creature... 'till next time!

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