Thursday, June 11, 2009

early morning update

I have always (mostly) loved doing what I do because I rarely have any idea of what I'll have when I'm done. No plan works out as I planned it and often by the time I'm done I'm not sure what that original idea instructed I do as it's grown into whatever it's become. I don't know what fun it would be if everything worked out just as visualized... wouldn't it just be like printing? Or maybe just an exercise in skill? I like what comes of my initial foggy concept.. my brain kinda works in clouds of color and perceived weight and space... I can't actually visualize faces, I know them more by movement and dimension... if that makes any sense...? It means I can't draw from memory with any accuracy, but I can get the 'feel' of something down on paper.

But enough on my faulty brain... back to work!

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Grrum said...

Lovin the artwork E \o/.